FreedomChair Makes Your Trip Travel Free - Disability is not a Reason to Miss Travel

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More and more people with disabilities want to travel around the world to see the beauty of the world. You don't want to be content to stay home at any time. First, the mobility of wheelchairs is very important. This usually starts with a car, a train, or an airplane. So far, the size and weight of electric wheelchairs are very large and cannot be carried together, which greatly limits the activities of the disabled. FreedomChair has learned about this trend and has provided the first foldable electric wheelchair for the elderly and disabled. The Freedom Chair weighs only 23kg and can be used in seconds.


In addition to healthy people, physically disabled people also want to travel to discover the world and enjoy the sun everywhere. FreedomCair aims to create freedom of movement for people with disabilities.

Freedom A06.png 

FreedomChair A06 advantages:

- Only 23 kg in weight, including ultra-lightweight batteries

- Collapse and easily retract in one second

- Battery range up to 30 km

- Frame made of light aircraft aluminum

- Almost suitable for all car trunks

- Separate control of left or right hand

- Can also be controlled by peers

- Suitable for travel in the air, ships and trains


In order to achieve portability, attention has been focused on compact design and weight in the development of wheelchairs. Due to the use of high-strength lightweight aircraft aluminum, the different models of the FreedomChair series weigh no more than 22.5kg. As a result, even weaker escorts can easily fold and load wheelchairs. Folded wheelchairs take up little space.


We are proud to have been awarded the MSDS certificate for FreedomChair, which means that our wheelchairs meet the stringent safety requirements of airlines and can be used with ease when travelling by air. We have always been an essential product for the elderly and disabled people to make life easier.


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