Freedomchair Came Back from CMEF with Rich Harvest

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CMEF (full name: China international medical device expo) was established in 1979, and held twice a year, including exhibition and BBS. After more than 40 years of accumulation and precipitation, the exhibition has developed into an international leading comprehensive service platform covering the whole industry chain of medical devices, integrating product technology, new product launch, procurement and trade, brand communication, scientific research cooperation, academic BBS and education and training.


The exhibition covers tens of thousands of product technologies and services in the whole industrial chain, such as medical imaging, medical examination, in vitro diagnosis, medical light and electricity, hospital construction, intelligent medical treatment and intelligent wearable products.In order to give full play to the leading role of the comprehensive platform, in recent years, the organizer innovatively launched more than 30 subdivided industrial clusters such as artificial intelligence, CT, nuclear magnetism, operating room, molecular diagnosis, POCT, rehabilitation engineering, rehabilitation AIDS, and medical ambulance on the exhibition site to display the latest scientific and technological achievements of the industry.



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