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Freedom Wheelchairs provide the greatest convenience in life

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Mobility and convenience are more important than ever! How to make life easier for people with disabilities? This is now possible. Because with modern people's increasing demands for life, electric wheelchairs came into being. They are now portable and foldable. Foldable electric wheelchairs can be easily placed into a car or even placed in an airplane. Freedom offers several versions of electric wheelchairs.


FreedomChair offers maximum flexibility in travel and daily life.

Many owners are curious about how to put a wheelchair into the car. The handicapped research expert replied: “The electric wheelchair can be easily folded and does not take up space and can be stowed in just a few seconds. Approximately 23kg of wheelchairs can be put down completely. Its battery is only about 1.5kg and it has MSDS. The certificate, Freedomchair, even applies to aircraft, which is acceptable to almost all airlines."


Travel became easy and convenient.

After arriving at the destination, the electric wheelchair can be easily expanded in a few seconds. The Freedomchair has different models, which consider the user's weight and volume. Wheel diameter is also different depending on the customer. Even for very fat people, A08L is a very suitable car. Its large wheels and the ability to climb nearly twice as much as other wheelchairs have enabled it to perform well even on the uneven surface of the 45km stretch.


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