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Freedom Chair Delivers on Its Name On Clutha Newspaper

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On Feb. 7, the local newspaper in Clutha reported an event about the donation of Freedom electric wheelchair to Clutha Health First (CHF).


Last year, Freedom Chair delivered an electric wheelchair to Clutha Valley Lions Club. And recently the club donated this lightweight, compact, and portable electric wheelchair to Clutha Health First (CHF) to give clients with progressive neurological conditions (Motor Neurone Disease, Multiple Sclersis) or those with palliative conditions the ability to get out and about.


In the newspaper interview, several managers and president of Clutha Valley Lions Club stated that the wheelchair is running to complete clients satisfaction.


“We are extremely grateful the Clutha Valley Lions Club donated this chair and its use will be managed by the Occupational Therapy department,” clinical director of Clutha Health First Gary Reed said.


“ It’s portable and easily transported, it can easily be dismantled, folded up and placed in a car boot and when in use it can negotiate paths and gravel tracks.


“We will loan it out to those clients in the community who need assistance with movement while under palliative care or with progressive neurological conditions,” Occupational therapist Jenene Lloyd said.


“The club (members) are just really happy that we have been able to help someone from our community,” The president of Clutha Valley Lions Gary Stirling said.


As the manufacturer of electric wheelchair, Freedom Chair feels very happy that our power wheelchairs can bring convenience for living to handicapped persons and the elderly and help them to enjoy life more.



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