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Evaluation and Adaptation of Electric Wheelchairs

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The basic situation of users

The electric wheelchair is flexible in operation and can be quickly and easily operated. It is adjustable and modular in design. It is suitable for lower limb disability, high paraplegia, joint contracture or joint injury, hemiplegia and the elderly and infirm. The use of electric wheelchairs is required. The user must have enough vision, judgment and motion control to ensure safe operation. When determining the adaptation scheme of an electric wheelchair, the user's own situation and characteristics should be considered in combination with the use environment and some parts of the wheelchair will be adjusted or improved while using the electric wheelchair. There are so many electric wheelchair motors suppliers on market, but it’s necessary to choose the one with good reputation.


Considering the safety and comfort of the users, they should also consider their convenience in use. When adapting electric wheelchairs, refer to the manual wheelchair adaptation principles. It should be emphasized here that electric wheelchairs are mainly suitable for users who are impossible or not allowed to use manual wheelchairs. If permitting, manual wheelchairs should be used as much as possible.


Easy Detachable Electric Wheelchair

The use of electric wheelchairs

① The seat of the electric wheelchair should be made of a fabric that is easy to clean and prevents permeation of sweat.

② When the user is sitting on an electric wheelchair and the center of gravity of the body is far from the axis of the driving wheel, although the mass of the electric wheelchair is large and there is no danger of backward tilting, it will be very difficult to operate the drive. So, the drive can be selected wheelchairs with adjustable front and rear positions, appropriately adjusting this distance, not only ensure the center of gravity of the wheelchair is stable, but also allow users to operate freely.

③ Young people, sports enthusiasts and the elderly with good overall mobility, where conditions permit in all aspects, it is necessary to consider providing them with lightweight and easy-to-operate electric wheelchairs.

④ The manipulation of an electric wheelchair requires a certain cognitive ability, it is not suitable for people with intellectual disabilities. Therefore, the users are mainly users who have normal intelligence after disability, but who have lost the ability to walk and need to move.


Personalized needs

① Portable electric wheelchairs are convenient to operate and free to move and have great advantages compared to manual wheelchairs. However, due to their high cost and heavyweight, the selection of electric wheelchairs should be based on the actual needs of the users, the place of use and the economic capacity.

② If the user has the ability and interest to travel frequently, it is best to choose a wheelchair with removable driving wheels and a pair of spare small rollers. When the user is on an airplane or a train, the driver only needs to change the driving wheel to a small roller to push the wheelchair through the narrow aisle.

③ For conditional users, it is recommended to configure another power wheelchair for bathing and toilet, and install fixed handles and levers in the bathroom and toilet. This can further improve the independent living ability of the user.


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