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Electric Wheelchairs Can Climb Stairs

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It’s not convenient for people with disabilities to travel outside. It’s even hard for them to jump like a normal person and climb a mountain even going up the stairs or getting on the bus will be very laborious.

1. Wheelchair that can climb stairs

Although there are already many electric wheelchairs on the market, the limitations are still very large. Many manufacturers don't dare to let consumers use some new functions. Several graduate students from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology have jointly developed a wheelchair that can automatically go up and down the stairs. This school is training many cutting-edge scientific and technological talents.

Then, let's see the mysterious face of this black technology together. It is not difficult to see that there is more than a normal wheelchair. That is the thing in front of the wheelchair. This thing is called a crawler.

During the test, the running process of the electric wheelchair was indeed very smooth and there was no bumpiness. The designer is very considerate for the consumer to see the situation at the foot when going downhill or uphill. This will not cause any accidents, after all, safety is the first.

The name of this wheelchair is called Freedomchair, which is really a benefit for the disabled. Some of the healthier young people in the area even like this product as an entertainment tool. Compared with the traditional wheelchair, it is more convenient to carry. It can be moved in a small space to eliminate the daily inconvenience of people with disabilities.

electric powered wheelchair A08L

2. Daily use

Whether it's a daily bus or a train, it can be carried with you easily. The electric wheelchair has four modes, namely stairs, safety, lift and track mode. When walking in a general road park, the normal security mode is used. At this time, the track under the wheelchair will be put away and will not be used.

The track mode is also the highlight, inspired by tanks and excavators. Although Freedomchair has only two wheels, the body is equipped with many sensors. Like the current car, there are lane departure warnings, reverse collision warnings, and so on. The ability to quickly find a balance point, a person who can ride a bicycle electric car is easier to control. In the track mode, this kind of stairs is stable and will not be shaken. Because it is a track mode, not a wheel, it is equivalent to taking a flat road. And more intelligently, these modes do not require the user to personally adjust the selection!

Of course, some people will ask a question. Because the slope is not the same size, how to ensure peace of mind? Freedomchair will intelligently adjust the center of gravity of the chair based on the angle of the wheelchair. For example, the center of gravity of the 30-degree slope and the 40-degree slope is different. If the center of gravity is not well mastered, people will slip out of the wheelchair or be thrown out.

When the stair trips are finished and the flat road is reached, it will automatically switch to the normal safe mode.

Of course, Freedomchair is still in the stage of development and perfection, and it is not popularized in the market. They hope to benefit this society through their own knowledge and actions. After all, the lives of people with disabilities are much more difficult than the lives of ordinary people.


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