Electric Wheelchair Maintenance Guide: Postural Support And Seat Belt

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Based on advancement in technology, electric wheelchair from china has spectacular functioning parts, and this has made mobility very easy for some special people.


However, for you to obtain a high-quality electric wheelchair from China that will last long and be very efficient over time, you can contact a reliable wheelchair manufacturer.


To understand how to maintain some parts of the wheelchair, some functioning parts management of the wheelchairs such as postural support and seat belt will be described in this article.


Maintenance Routine for Postural Support

For comfortability and healthy purposes, a proper method of seating can provide someone with good comfort and stamina.


Therefore, supports are employed when it comes to holding and aligning someone in a way that creates balance for the sitting position, thereby improving the function of the wheelchair as well.


Some of the postural supports are hip adductors, abductor pommels, leg adductors, lateral truck supports, and leg abductors.

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The procedure in maintaining the postural supports are:


Ø When the flip-up or swing-away in the supports, check that there is a free movement, and ensure that they are not too loose.


Ø Once you noticed that they are intact, check if they are properly tightened.


Ø You should know that loose bolts and nuts can finally loose and allow the support to drop. Also, too much tightening of bolt and nut that was loose can destroy bolt and housing.


Ø Proper tightening of the loose bolt with an open-end box wrench and/or Allen wrench is better. After the tightening, you should take note of red spots around the skin that are having contact with the main support.


However, if some red spots around the skin are discovered, you need to loosen the necessary part such as the support and consult an expert on wheelchair maintenance.


Ø Check the cushion and fabric of the support if they are fixed. Most Supports that are hard can be uncomfortable and can cause an increase in pressure to any skin that contacted them. It can cause a high risk of sores from pressure.


Ø When you identify problems, consult an expert on the maintenance of a wheelchair.


Ø The routine should be carried out every month.


Maintenance Routine for Seat Belt

The positioning and pelvic support can be obtained by the use of a lap belt or pelvic belt.


The lap belt helps to correct or avoid a sagging posture, and also help the person not to slide forward while sitting on the seat.


To properly maintain the seat belt, you need to:


Ø Examine if there is damage to hardware and buckle latches that connect the strap and the frame


Ø Check the Velcro and strap (when necessary) if there is any trace of wear or tear.


Ø Both the buckle, hardware, and strap should regularly be in a good state. Examine if the latch on the belt is slipped or has become opened accidentally.


Ø Consult an expert on wheelchair maintenance whenever any problem is noticed.


Ø This routine should regularly be carried out every month.


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