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Electric Wheelchair Leads The New Trend

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With the improvement of residents' living standards, people have put forward higher requirements for product quality, performance and comfort. Coupled with the accelerated pace of urban life, children spend less and less time caring for the elderly and patients at home. It is inconvenient for people to use manual wheelchairs and cannot be well taken care of, but with the birth of electric wheelchairs, the elderly and friends with disabilities can no longer rely on the help of others. Independent operation can be achieved by operating medicare electric wheelchairs, making life and work easier and more convenient.

The electric wheelchair is based on the traditional manual wheelchair, superimposed on the high-performance power drive device, intelligent control device, battery and other components. It is equipped with a manual intelligent controller that can complete forward, backward, steering, standing, and lying down. The new generation of intelligent wheelchairs with multiple functions is a high-tech product combining modern precision machinery, intelligent numerical control and engineering mechanics.

A08L Large Power Wheelchair

It can help people with reduced mobility to travel freely. Outdoor use is easy to operate, and without the family's company, the patient can go out in a wheelchair to relax and travel with friends and family, while reducing the burden of family care.

Product advantages of Freedom chair electric wheelchair:

1. Wide audience.

Compared with traditional wheelchairs, the power of electric wheelchairs is not only suitable for the elderly and infirm, but it is also suitable for patients with severe disabilities.

2. Convenient.

Traditional hand-pushed wheelchairs must rely on human power to push and pull. If no one is around, they must push the wheels by their own hands. Fast powered electric wheelchair are not the same. If they are fully charged, they can be easily operated without the need for family members to stay with them.

3. Use electric wheelchairs to enhance self-care ability.

With an electric wheelchair, you can do your daily activities by yourself, basically one person plus one electric wheelchair can do it.

4. Simple operation, long cruising range, easy to use and simple operation.

5. Light weight, load bearing, impact resistance, strong toughness. The main frame is made of high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy, which is stable and durable, and it is not easy to deform and rust.

6. New tires, free of inflation, comfortable shock absorption, anti-tie and wear-resistant, can be rotated 360 degrees in situ.      

7. High security.

The motor uses a combined power-off brake function, which can automatically brake in the event of a power failure and electrical failure during use. The rear wheel is equipped with an anti-tilt wheel, which can ensure safety when climbing or receiving back pressure.

8. Easy to use.

It can be easily folded and stored quickly. It can be folded in about 30 seconds. The width is about 30cm and the volume is about 0.1 cubic meters. It can be easily put in the trunk. Manual electric dual mode, one button can switch. The open armrest baffle is designed to get in and out without hindrance. The pedals are foldable and removable. The thoughtful storage bag design makes it convenient for you to carry some daily necessities.   


9. Comfort.

The back cushion adopts a 3D breathable honeycomb cushion, which can be removed and washed, and the interior is filled with high-quality environmental protection sponges, which can effectively prevent the growth of bedsores. The intimate leg block design relaxes your calf muscles. Folding handles make your family care more convenient.


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