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Electric wheel chair travels on airlines and cruise ships

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Mobility is more than the ability to move. It is synonymous with the quality of life. An electric wheelchair can render valuable services to a user wishing to broaden his horizon and gain autonomy. An optimal seat that can be adjusted on any side ensures comfort and safety. Especially, when it becomes an essential pack to travel with either on airlines or cruise ships, the electric wheelchair is quite an innovation for relative convenience.

The environmental control systems and the programming of the driving characteristics make it possible to adapt the electric wheelchair as much as possible to the needs of the customer.

The combination of a manual wheelchair and an electric auxiliary drive can therefore significantly improve autonomous mobility, whether for people living on uneven or slightly uneven terrain, or for outdoor walks.

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Let's take a look at the various advantages of the Foldable Electric Wheelchair:

• The foldable electric wheelchair offers many options and adjustment options to suit your body.  

• The chair is foldable in 1 second and can be maintained in a standing upright position thanks to a crutch system.

• Compact: it can be stored easily and can be taken anywhere, whether by car, airlines or cruise ship. Transportation is relatively easy.

• It has practical storage:  a bag on the back of the back and a storage bag for the removable battery.  

• With its intuitive and easy-to-use joystick, the foldable electric wheelchair will take you anywhere. The joystick can be placed to the right or left to choose.

• The control box is adjustable, removable and retractable. The case has 5 buttons for easy and intuitive use.

• The rear wheels are motorized and accompanied by electromagnetic brakes. This braking system helps to secure the user when going up or down the chair.

• The tires of the electric wheelchair, foldable are indestructible, so you do not need to worry about a flat tire on your ride.  

• The anti- tip wheels located in the back allow you to cross obstacles without fear of tipping the chair.

• The seat cushion is removable and offers excellent comfort.

• The armrests of the foldable electric wheelchair can be adjusted in height  

• The footrest is adjustable in height (4 positions of adjustment) and in extension  

• Some are designed with a backrest that is adjustable and offers 4 levels of tilt: 95 °, 105 °, 115 ° and 125°. You can choose the desired posture.

The wheelchair has a range of 28 km, which allows you to make beautiful walks. Its maximum speed is 7 km / h. Wheels 20 cm in diameter at the front and 25cm at the back allow to cross obstacles of 4 cm with momentum, and 3 cm without momentum.

The electric and foldable wheelchair offers a modern and elegant design. It is a new generation wheelchair that improves the lives of its users. It is both lightweight which makes it able to travel on airlines and cruise ships and compact thanks to its unique folding device. Thanks to its intuitive joystick, and easy to use, you can maneuver it very easily.


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