Advantages & Disadvantages of Power Wheelchair

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The world functions on the law of dualism.  This means that for everything, there is a need to consider its pros and cons.  This applies to power foldable wheelchair which is also called an electric wheelchair.  There are many advantages of Power wheelchair as much as there are its disadvantages.  

Wheelchairs have become a common device that eases mobility among the aged. Also, it helps people with injuries caused by accident like domestic accidents, vehicle accidents, and more.


Power wheelchair advantages include:

  • Having the user as the controller.  The user controls the speed and the direction the power wheelchair goes even.  

  • Users operate power wheelchairs by the hands.  But others are operated using the mouth or body movement.  These options are available for people with a high degree of body movement.

  • Power wheelchairs come in distinct varieties. Also, they are applied in every form of disability.  In addition, it is customized for every form of disability. This includes the situations where the user may not be able to hold, talk or direct and control the device.

  • There is no fear of the wheelchair disassembling while in use.  The user cannot suffer any form of injury because of the collapse of the wheelchair.

  • Some wheelchairs are portable, meaning users can fold them. Thus, they are more compatible in the event they are being taken to other places for use.  This way, they do not occupy a large space while on the move (car or plane).

  • When you use a power wheelchair, you can independently go where you want to go and when you want to go there unaided.

Disadvantages of a power wheelchair:

While there are disadvantages of power wheelchairs, you can turn these disadvantages into advantages with additional features. Some disadvantages include:

  • Cost of acquiring them:  If power wheelchairs were cheap, every disabled person will own it.  But there are still lots of disabled and elder people with limited movement as they cannot afford a power wheelchair.  

  • Maintenance and repairs are necessary to ensure optimum functionality of the device.  What this means is, it demobilizes you when you take it for maintenance and repairs.

  • Your movement will suffer a hitch the moment the battery goes down midway into your journey.

Is a power wheelchair ideal for you? Assuredly, it is dependent on your financial and personal needs. If you decide to get a power wheelchair, you will enjoy the comfort and ease it offer regardless of your size and age.


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