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A Guide to Electric Wheelchairs

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What to consider while choosing an electric wheelchair?

For a good installation, the electric wheelchair must adapt to your morphology: width, depth of seat, height of the backrest, seat or modular backrest. It must also take into account your functional abilities (tone of your trunk, muscle strength, etc.)

For a good use, it is important to evaluate the environment in which the electric wheelchair will be used (widths of the doors of your home, sidewalk or way, elevator, etc.)

For lone movements or you are going to be engaged in short trips. You would have to go for a manual wheelchair, foldable, with large rear wheels. You can advance it using the handrails or using your feet (pedal propulsion). The wheels will be removable to put in the trunk of the car. Prefer full tires which will avoid worries of inflation and puncture.

Depending on your wheelchair usage goals, you may choose to have a reclining backrest or add leg rests.         


For Long journeys or daily use

Depending on your functional possibilities or your age, you will choose:

  • a very compact and lightweight active chair that is chosen by seasoned users.

  • a lightweight wheelchair, so that the weight of the chair is not tiring. Some have removable armrests with large or small cuffs. Depending on how you make your transfers, you will adjust your seat height and the height of your footrest. You will have the choice of the color of your chair!

  • an electric wheelchair allows you to move with less fatigue. It should be noted that its financial coverage by social security is subject to tests prior to the acquisition by a rehabilitation doctor.

The foldable electric wheelchair combines the qualities of a foldable manual wheelchair with the addition of an engine. It will mostly be chosen for indoor use.

The electric wheelchair will be chosen according to the floor covering (inside, flat or uneven surface, mixed), the autonomy of your battery, the autonomy in the settings of your installation (seat inclination, backrest, leg rest and lift), the number of wheels (4 or 6) to reduce gyration.

An electric propulsion module that relieves wheelchair manipulations with a motor can be added to larger wheels.  

You need help to get around

We must promote a transport chair that will take up little space when moving or when storing, thanks to the small wheels in the back. An attendant will push the wheelchair, can break it from the handles, fold it to store it.


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