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6 Advantages of Electric Wheelchairs

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The electric wheelchair is based on the traditional manual wheelchair, superimposed and upgraded with high-performance power drive, intelligent control device, battery and other components. With a manual operation of intelligent controllers, it can drive wheelchairs to complete a new generation of intelligent wheelchairs for forward, backward, steering, standing, lying, etc. It is a combination of modern precision machinery, intelligent CNC, engineering mechanics and other fields. 

foldable electric wheelchair

What are the benefits of using an electric wheelchair?

1. The safe and portable electric wheelchair has a wide audience. Compared to traditional wheelchairs, the power of electric wheelchairs is not only suitable for the elderly, but also suitable for severely disabled injuries. Smooth, long-lasting power, speed adjustability are all unique advantages of electric wheelchairs.


2.  It is more convenient to use an electric wheelchair. As we all know, the traditional hand-pushing wheelchair must rely on manpower to push and pull forward. Electric wheelchairs are different. If they are fully charged, they don’t need anyone else beside.


3. The use of electric wheelchairs makes life more environmentally friendly. Electricity is no doubt more environmentally friendly than fuel. Many people think about using a car to carry an old man out of the house. It is better to let the elderly drive an electric wheelchair.


4. It is safer to use an electric wheelchair. The production technology of electric powered wheelchairs is more and more mature and the brake devices on the body are mass-produced after being tested by professionals. Therefore, the probability of losing control of an electric wheelchair is almost zero.


5. It is more economical to use an electric wheelchair. Some people say that using a traditional wheelchair is not more economical? In fact, from the perspective of human energy, using traditional wheelchairs, you need to consume thousands of kilocalories of energy. The only way to replenish energy is to eat and drink. Think about it. However, an electric wheelchair requires only a small amount of electricity to solve the travel problem.


6. The use of electric wheelchairs, enhance self-care ability. With an electric wheelchair, you can consider everything you need to go to the toilet, buy food, cook, sleep, etc.


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