5 Factors That Affect the Electric Folding Wheelchair User Experience

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There is often a tendency to believe that what most affects the electric folding lightweight wheelchair user experience is the weight of the person using it and the material with which its frame is made. However, there are other factors related to the friction of your wheelchair and its other electrical components that will affect its efficiency, strength, and rolling resistance and, ultimately, its mobility.

These include biomechanical issues (size and position of the wheels, wheelbase, and angulation), power and speed, and others directly related to their use. If you take all this into account, you will not only choose the best wheelchair, but you will also face mobility problems with greater success.

Why it is important to choose the best electric wheelchair

The fundamental objective of a wheelchair is that it provides good user experience in the area of maximum functionality, comfort, and mobility. An unsuitable power wheelchair can be uncomfortable and can cause you to slip, bend over and adopt an uncomfortable posture, which could result to other problems (for example, a musculoskeletal injury) in the long run. So it should always be the chair that fits your needs, not the other way round.

When assessing the user experience of an electric folding wheelchair, you will have to take into account five factors: Power and speed of the engine



1. The control

An indispensable element of the electric chair that usually goes unnoticed is the control panel. It is one of the major components of the power wheelchair. When there is a fault in the controls, the power wheelchair either malfunctions or does not move at all. This means that the user is not going anywhere. However, it is also one of the most forgotten because we are always concerned about the design of the chair, how comfortable it is, how light it is, and more. However, it is important to always ask about the electric wheelchair configurations before making your purchase.


2. Weight distribution between front and rear wheels

The weight distribution of a wheelchair user refers to the proportion in which the weight is distributed between the front and rear wheels. The greater the amount of weight on the front wheels, the more friction there will be so it will cost you more to move it, although you will have more stability.


3. The wheels/tires

Wheels play a fundamental role in the mobility of your electric wheelchair and the general user experience. When choosing this mobility equipment, ensure that the tires are more comfortable and allow shock absorption and produce more friction. On the other hand, solid tires adapt less well to the terrain because they are harder, but they make mobility easier. Regarding the size of the wheels, the smaller they are, the less friction they have because there is less contact surface with the ground, but that makes them worse grip.


4. The terrain on which the wheelchair will be used

The nature of the surface on which you will be using your wheelchair, whether outdoor or indoor, affects user experience. If you're going to move indoors or play sports, it's better to have smaller front wheels because they allow faster turns.

5. Storage

Storage is also very important, particularly for users that will be traveling a lot. Lightweight and foldable equipment provides a better user experience that one that is heavy and not foldable. You need to consider this factor when making your purchase.


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