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5 Best Ways to Maintain Lightweight Power Wheelchair

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Power lightweight wheelchairs are functional, economical, and user-friendly. China electric wheelchair manufacturers are providing a wide range of these wheelchairs. For that reason, you can get them in diverse dimensions and styles.

At present, the China folding lightweight sport wheelchair suppliers are focusing a lot on the electric power wheelchairs. They understand that disabled people are more interested in these wheelchairs instead of the typical old wheelchairs. The standard old wheelchairs are heavyweight, and the individual has to apply force to move it. Thus, the production and selling of the power lightweight wheelchairs are rising day by day.

Five best ways to maintain lightweight power wheelchair

If you are making use of the lightweight power wheelchair, then you must maintain it. These wheelchairs are made with rough and tough material. Still, you have to follow some ways to maintain them. Right now, we are going to tell you the five ways to maintain these wheelchairs. 

1. Focus On The Controls

When you are using this wheelchair, then it is essential to focus on its features and specifications. The power wheelchairs have a range of control methods. It is important to use these wheelchairs according to their control methods. If you do not do it, then the wheelchair’s control system will get damaged quite soon. The buttons or rockers of these wheelchairs are quite sensitive. If you do not operate it with a slight touch, then it will stop functioning correctly. Thus, it is essential to focus on the controls.


2. Cleaning

Cleaning of the power wheelchairs has to be done a week thrice. Many people do not focus on the cleaning of these wheelchairs due to which the machinery gets dusty and rusty. You have to take a soft wet cloth to clean the wheelchair daily or at least thrice a week. In this way, the dust will not damage it, and it will remain good as new. Keep in mind that no special chemicals are required for the cleaning of these wheelchairs.

3. Focus on the wheels

Wheels are the imperative parts of the wheelchairs. They have to be checked and monitored quite frequently, especially if the outdoor usage is too much. Always remember that a damaged wheel can cause a severe accident. It is better to monitor the wheels more often to save the disabled person from any mishap.

4. Check The Bolts

After every month, you have to check the bolts of the wheelchair. If they become loose, then you have to tighten them up in time. In normal use, you have to check the bolts every month. If the usage is too much, especially outdoors, then check all kinds of nuts and bolts of the wheelchair. It is imperative to keep them tight and fixed so that no mishap could happen.

5. Repairing Should Be Done In Time

If any part of the wheelchair needs repairing, then do it in time. Even if it is a small part or big, you should stop using it until it gets fixed. Repairing in time will save the quality and functionality of the wheelchair. In this way, the disabled person will remain safe and sound while using it.


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