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Manual Wheelchairs Vs Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair

Before we talk about the pros and cons of heavy duty wheelchair over those of manual wheelchair, it is of great necessitiy to explain the purposes of these mobility devices. Also, if there be a significant difference in the price, user-friendly features and comfortability which may possibly cause users to make their choice of one against the other.


Manual Wheelchairs

The propulsion of manual wheelchair is done by self or by the assistance of another user.

This kind is a very good means of mobility and transportation choice for those who gain pleasure and satisfaction in the user-friendly safety features and the Independence of moving manually or using the brakes in the wheelchair.

Majority of manual features possess features that are standard like brakes, armrests, footrests and a cozy chair.

If your search of a wheelchair is characterized by long-term use, you may be interested in exploring heavy duty electric wheelchairs.

Still, majority of users have discover manual wheelchair to be safe as well as its capacity to handle speeds and brake when necessary.

· Transportation is manual and self-propelled

· Easy to store

· Heavy duty electric wheelchair is the preference of some user due to long-term use while the lightweight features and user-friendly features are the reasons for the preference of others to be manual wheelchair.

· Minor maintenance, not battery operated

· Maual wheelchair can't be rented for short term use.

 Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair

Electric Wheelchairs

We will begin by the definition of heavy duty electric wheelchairs. Basically, heavy duty electric wheelchairs are not manual in nature. That is, almost, otherwise all, have their functionalities to be automated or functioning by batteries and joystick navigation which permit you to maneuver as well as having powerful safety and turning features.

Handling your speed is more effective with heavy duty electric wheelchair rather than manual wheelchair where the help of another individual is needed to push forward the mobility device or halt the device manually.

Also, the user is able to wheel the chair by using footrest and other capabilities to propel the movement of the manual wheelchair as well as halting it.

In addition, various driving mechanisms in heavy duty electric wheelchair distinct it from manual wheelchair.

In following are the drive configurations included in this device facilitating speed, high performance and the capacity to endure harsh ground.

With a good knowledge of the various specifications for drive configurations, you will be able to choose the kind of power wheelchair that suits you mobility needs the best:


1. Front-wheel-drive – There are a lot of great benefits this drive offers, and its maneuverability is very good which is both indoor and outdoor.

Softer grounds like grass can be managed by the front-wheel-drive.

A lot of users enjoy the abilities of the front-wheel-drive reason being that, the seat of these power wheelchairs is likely to be lower to floor height.

Yet, the driving of these power wheelchairs can be at slower speeds.

2. Mid-wheel drive – Perhaps this is the best configuration when it comes to tight speces maneuvering, having a complete view of 360-degree, as a result of its tight turning radius.

It is very good to be used indoor.

3. Rear-wheel drive – This kind of configurations gives you a better performance and stability and a lot of users have this as their better choice.

Their speed maintenance is very good and the positioning of the drive wheels are at the back, giving a good suspension and high ground clearance.

Aside the above mentioned pros and cons and features of heavy duty electric wheelchairs, others are;

· Joystick navigation system

· Have specialized leg rest, tilt, reclining and other specialized capabilities which are not included in manual wheelchairs.

· Better speeds

· Unlike manual wheelchairs, there are more cozy seating options (i.e seat cushion, safety belts, head/back support) and ample leg room.

· Recharge batteries

· It doesn't need the help of another person to push the wheelchair, hence it can be independently operated by the user, which assist the user in recovering his post sense of Independence and also control the mobility device.

Here are only but a few of the many tips you need to assist you in making a choice for your mobility needs.


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Now that you have understood the pros and cons and the features of a heavy duty electric wheelchair, you will agree with us that this is the best choice for you. Your mobility and safety is sure!

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