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Important Questions To Consider When Choosing Electric Wheelchair

Some manufacturers of powered wheelchair sell directly to consumers. Nevertheless, many of the electric wheelchair manufacturers make use of electric wheelchair suppliers, who later sell those wheelchairs to the end-users. However, in case you need to get information or ask questions about the use and maintenance of the wheelchairs, both the electric wheelchair manufacturers and electric wheelchair suppliers can equally give information about them.


Likewise, before getting the right electric wheelchair, a lot of questions relating to the type, function, and maintenance may be crossing your mind. Some of them could be:


· Should I get a folding electric wheelchair?

A foldable electric wheelchair can be an idea for people that travel or leave their house sometimes or most times. Also, Caregivers see folding wheelchairs as a simple way to fold and transfer them in a truck. A lot of folding wheelchairs do not tilt back. The cushions and seats are smaller, and it is less supportive when comparing with the traditional powered wheelchairs.


Therefore, users should have in mind that the kind of medical needs and lifestyle are important when deciding on choosing a wheelchair.


· Do electric wheelchairs come in sizes?

Yes! powered wheelchairs have sizes for everybody. However, the standard powered wheelchair can most times bear the weight of about 300 pounds, and some manufacturers can also design a bariatric powered wheelchair that can carry patients that are heavier than 300 pounds.


Also, some other small powered wheelchairs are available in the market with slim designs and pediatric designs. Wheelchairs with headrests are more comfortable for tall customers or users.

 electric wheelchair

· How can I learn about powered wheelchair safety?

To know how to operate your powered wheelchair safely, the right way is to read the user manual carefully. The manual can assist you to know the travel distances you can embark on and which maneuvers you can try. Apart from the information that the user manual contains, a few general safety-rules must be regularly followed.


Therefore, some of the rules include; not driving the wheelchair outside when there is an extreme weather condition, not putting lag materials on the lap while riding, and not driving the wheelchair when taking strong alcohol or medication.


· Which of the wheelchair is good for all-terrain?

Certain features make a wheelchair suitable for all-terrain. To use a wheelchair outdoor, beginners can make use of the drive wheels that have a large diameter.


Although, many of the wheelchairs are front-wheel drive, while some can be mid-wheel drive. The model of the wheelchair is characterized by where the wheel is found. So, wheelchairs with non-marking and flat-free operation are good for both indoors and outdoors.


How long will a wheelchair last?

An electric wheelchair is designed to be durable and last long. The date of expiration depends on the treatment and usage. So, a properly maintained electric wheelchair should last for about five years or greater.


Are you interested in getting the right electric wheelchair? 

To get a high-quality electric wheelchair is possible when contacting the right electric wheelchair suppliers. Kindly contact us for a smooth transaction.

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