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Freedomchair Electric Wheelchair Drive Controls: Proportional Drive Control

Before we start talking about the diverse sorts of proportional drive controls, let us do a bit of a guided visualization work out.

Imagine a youthful man in a freedomchair electric wheelchair driving down a passage heading to the cafeteria. What portion is he utilizing in his body to drive the wheelchair? What does the drive control gadget see like?

What stands out around how he maneuvers through the doorway of the cafeteria? Keep the picture in your head and take a profound breath. Incredible! Now our guided visualization is over.

Many would envisioned the youthful man driving a freedomchair electric wheelchair with a standard joystick mounted off his right armrest with his right hand. Was I near?

The most common drive control gadget utilized on a freedomchair electric wheelchair is a standard joystick, and most of joysticks are mounted off of one of the armrests (however, majority of the populace is right-handed).


Characteristics of a Freedomchair Electric Wheelchair  Drive Controls include:

· Generally, the arrangement of full directional control with a 360-degree circle.

· Provides the capacity to grade speed comparable to the way the gas pedal in a car does. The more distant the input gadget is moved from its neutral position, the quicker the wheelchair will move.

· It enables for more exact control than non-proportional gadgets by permitting the operator to rapidly increment or diminish speeds in all directions.

· It also provides expanded control for the operator while exploring various environments and through different terrains.

· Requires the operator to have the necessary intellectual techniques and engine work for the particular device, which includes the capacity to intentionally grade the sum of constrain applied to the input device.

Recalling our guided visualization exercise, it is acceptable that the most common freedomchair electric wheelchair drive controls are standard proportional joysticks. There are varieties of programming adjustments, equipment alterations, mounting alternatives, and different other contempkations to bear in intellect when selecting a standard joystick for a client.

In addition, there is a wide variety of types of alternative drive controls that are also proportional, they include:

 freedomchair electric wheelchair

Mini Proportional Joysticks

Mini proportional joysticks are essentially littler than standard joysticks. Usually requires less constrain to enact and control.

The joystick offers mounting choices so it can be worked out with different parts of the body which include: chin, toes, lips, fingers, etc.


Compact Joysticks

Compact joysticks are comparative in measure to standard joysticks, however the casing is much littler and compact. Commonly exceptionally fundamental in operation.

There is no screens or extra buttons for the operation of other functions. Some compact joysticks  permit one or two switches to be fitted into them, so that they can be used for turning the chair on & off or switching modes.


Touch Drive Device

A touch drive device operates comparable to the way touchscreens on smart phones and tablets operate. It require no force; only move limit over the glass screen.

The device allows little, exact movements. It can work with distinctive parts of the body as long as it has close association with skin.


Dual Pro® Head Array

The Dual Pro® head array uses both near and force switches, changing the system into a completely relative head array. Proportional capabilities permit people who ought to move their head in numerous headings to drive, and also to have the benefits of proportional control.


Individual Proportional Switches

Individual proportional switches are created with the same innovation as the completely relative Double Pro head array. It permits the client to utilize each person switch controlling each direction in the same way as the gas pedal in a car; the harder the switch is pushed, the speedier it will go.

This type of system can be applied when teaching a client to go from driving with non-proportional switches to a proportional joystick. It is not easy to identify the most suitable drive control device for a person to utilize with freedomchair electric wheelchair that permit the most prominent level of independence and security.

However, it is imperative that you work with a group of qualified and experienced complex rehabilitation technology (CRT) experts to decide the leading option for your clients. Also, give the client the opportunity to explore using various sorts of devices. Note that learning to drive a freedomchair electric wheelchair always takes time, no matter what the drive control device is.


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