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Common Fault Code And Their Meaning In A Powered Wheelchair

Motorized wheelchairs are battery-driven wheelchairs that allow people with restricted mobility to move themselves using a joystick conveniently situated on the armrest.

These wheelchairs are simple to operate and do not require the user to physically push the wheels.

 Those who have difficulty walking will be able to spend more time outside with the help of a powered wheelchair.

Your powered wheelchair is a vital investment. Therefore it is necessary to keep it new and protect it from damages and deteriorating conditions.


Fault Codes for Powered Wheelchairs and What They Mean

The error codes for the powered wheelchair joystick are all dependent on the bar of lights above the power button.

Three red lights, four yellow lights, and three green lights are present. When they flash, however, the problem code is determined by how many total lights are flashing.

When you put your chair in neutral, for example, you'll notice that nine lights begin to flash.

This indicates that there is a problem with your park breaks, which could result in poor park breaks.

However, you'll want to put your chair back into gear after it's in neutral. To reset it, turn off the power and then turn it back on.

Here's what the other flashing lights on a powered wheelchair joystick mean:

If there is only one flashing light, your batteries are likely low and must be replaced.

If you have two flashing lights, your left motor has a poor connection; ensure sure it's connected in and the connection isn't rusted.

A short circuit is indicated by three flashing lights, and it will almost certainly need to be replaced.

While, four flashing lights indicates a faulty right motor connection, so make sure it's plugged in and free of corrosion.

Having a five flashing lights shows that the motor has a short, you'll almost certainly need to replace it.

It's a terrible joystick if there are seven flashing lights. Because the brainbox is incorporated into the joystick

If you see eight flashing lights, it means you have a defective brainbox (or control box) – and you'll have to replace it regardless. Also, nine flashing lights, in the example, means you have bad park breaks.

Having ten flashing lights is quite uncommon, and you'll only see it once in a while, but it indicates that you've delivered too much voltage to the controller.

powered wheelchair

How to Lock and Unlock a Wheelchair Joystick With Power

On earlier chairs, the piwere wheelchair joystick is popular. Follow the steps below to lock and unlock it:

To secure your joystick, follow these steps:

To turn it on, first push the power button.

 Once your power is turned on, press and hold the power button for 1 to 2 seconds until a beep is heard.

Afterward, move the joystick ahead until you hear another beep, then backward until you hear another.

Before turning off, it will make a loud buzzer. When you turn it back on, the lights above the power button will start to scroll back and forth. This indicates that it is locked.

To unlock your joystick, hold the joystick forward until it beeps, then reverse until it beeps again. Lights will flash above the power button, indicating that it has been unlocked.


Get High Quality  Powered Wheelchairs From Us

Purchasing a powered wheelchair is a significant investment as it enables you to spent more time outdoors.

It's important you select one that addresses your current need and can be adjusted to suit your future needs.

Kindly reach out to us for powered wheelchairs that will be dynamically perfect for you.

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