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Charging And Prolonging The Life Span of Powered Wheelchair Battery

For some special individual, powered wheelchair remains on important assets that gives them the luxury of going to wherever they wish to go without hassles. This is so because with a powered wheelchair, special individuals don’t need to wait on the mercy of a family member or a care-giver to move them around. With this, you can tell that a powered wheelchair makes life just as normal as it is for everyone for some special people around us.

Well, despite the fact that powered wheelchair are very useful mobility piece of equipment for special individuals, the fact still remains that some level of care is need to enhance the performance of such mobility like the powered wheelchair.

For this reason, components such as the battery, which remains the power house of a powered wheelchair requires absolute care, especially when it comes to charging and routine maintenance.

Nevertheless, one important clause you must keep very close to your heart is ensuring that you source your powered wheelchair from a reliable and highly professional manufacturer in order to enjoy the best electric wheelchair.

So, let’s take a deep dive as we consider some tips on how to charge and prolong the lifespan of your powered wheelchair battery.


Charging Your powered Wheelchair Battery

Averagely, a fully charge powered wheelchair battery can last up to 7-8hours under constant usage. However, to the fact that powered wheelchair battery are usually deep cycle batteries, they require the you fully discharge or drain them before recharging. However, some batteries are designed to be recharged more than a hundred times before they lose their powering capacity for replacement to be considered.

In order to ensure that your powered wheelchair battery is correctly charged, you must ensure that you use the right battery charging unit and leads. Using the wrong charging lead and charging unit, you may risk causing a permanent damage to your powered wheelchair damage.

Well, there are times when you may need to replace your powered wheelchair battery due to some constraints with its performance. In such situations, dashing into the marketplace to purchase one wont be the best idea. Instead, consider consulting a professional powered wheelchair manufacturer for advice and guide on the right charging unit, lead, or the complete battery to buy.

However, here in Freedom chair, we can help you get the best battery from reputable brands we have been working with for the past decades.

 powered wheelchair

How to prolong the battery life of powered wheelchair?

No doubt, most powered wheelchair batteries are designed to be very durable, although they can get damaged accidentally on few occasions, especially when they are being undercharged.

When you are fond of giving your powered wheelchair a burst charge while using it may help you top-up the power for your use, but the long term effect of this is that it will easily damage the cells of your battery within a very short period of time.

Once this is the case, your powered wheelchair battery may not be able to hold its charge for a long time for your use. To prevent this, it is recommended that you charge your electric wheelchair batteries overnight before use the next day.


In need of a premium powered wheelchair

At freedom chair, we have a global reputation as the leading brand in the design and manufacturer of high-end powered wheelchair with the best components that will make it stand the test of time.

So, in case you are sceptic of where to invest your hard-earned money, you can trust us for the best deal without regret. Kindly click here for more information or to make a purchase.

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