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Advantages of lightweight portable power wheelchair

There are many advantages of lightweight portable power wheelchair which are favored by the old and disabled people. It’s constantly in the innovation of the material selection and function of power wheelchair.The material is improve from the previous iron pipe or steel pipe to the current aerospace and aluminum; the function from only be manually controlled to now controlled by joystick.

Specific features of Freedomchair are as follows:

1, Freedom power wheelchair can be controlled by manual operation and power-driven.The power-driven is based , manual operation complementary for power wheelchair.No worry about the battery runs out when you are going out.

2, Freedom power wheelchair is configured a variety of user-friendly features, upholder, shopping bag, tool kit,and liftup armrest.

3, Freedom power wheelchair is configured with the anti-tipper to ensure the safety when uphill.

4, Freedom power wheelchair with the microcomputer control system, one-handed joystick operation is easy to drive.

5,"Stepless adjustment", "360 any turn "function make the freedom power wheelchair go forward,backward,and turn left, right flexible.

6, Freedom power wheelchair has simple structure, strong electric power, electromagnetic brake which makes wheelchair be stopped with automatic braking and even be parked on half slope.

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