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What's The Quickest The Best Charger for Electric Wheelchair?

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It is correctly believed that electric wheelchair batteries are powerful and strong enough to go by for years. But only if you use them properly and take care of them. You might know about the fact that electric wheelchairs’ batteries are best to be charged all night while you sleep. This way you can use them all day without any hindrance or fear of battery failure.  

But there are other tips and tricks as well with which you can use your electric wheelchair batteries for a longer period of time.


Understand Your Battery’s Mechanism

In order to enjoy your electric wheelchair rides, you should go at great lengths to apply the following tips so your batteries run longer and never dry out on the wrong time.

You New Batteries Can Be Uncharged, Make sure You Ask When You Buy Them

New electric wheelchair often has Charged batteries already but sometimes they are not. It is a great risk to use your wheelchair with the new uncharged batteries as then, you will never able to charge them to their maximum limit. When you buy the batteries or the electric wheelchair, ask the seller first. And if they are uncharged, charge them to their full limit so that you can set their range freely.

For The First Ten Days, Use Minimum Battery

Most of the electric wheelchair have deep cycle batteries. It means that it takes time for them to reach their full strength. Therefore,  for the first ten days do not use full battery potential. In fact, use as less as you can. The maximum length you can go is  30 percent of the battery’s charging strength. If you do this, it will allow your batteries to achieve fully-charged status. Plug in at night and let it charge the whole night even if you see it fully charged.

Do not Squeeze Out Every Drop of Charging Out of Your Electric Wheelchairs

You might not like it but it keeps draining your batteries to the last point, you will need the replacing more than usual.  As electric wheelchair are deep cycle batteries, the hate being empty because then they can not echo. Therefore keep the usage to a limit, even when you are at extreme, do not use it more than 80 percent of power.   

Do not charge your Electric Wheelchair With Multiple Charger

This can be your biggest mistake while using your electric wheelchair. Think of charging it with multiple chargers as a sin. When you do that the charging performance of your charger not only decrease but it decreases its rate of charging. 


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