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The Advanced Brushless Motor Controller Of Freedom Electric Wheelchair

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When it comes to the quality of an electric wheelchair such as the Freedom electric wheelchair, one feature speaks volumes amongst other premium features – and that is the electric motor that power your wheelchair.


Like you can rightly guess, a powerful electric motor is the best way to be guaranteed of swift and seamless maneuvering of an electric wheelchair. The reason for this is obvious, the electric motor is strong enough and equal to the task.

Well, with lots of electric wheelchairs in the market having different types of the electric motor controller, you may be wondering what type of electric motor is best for you.

Yes, the answer to this question is what this article is all about. But before we go straight into the best type of electric motor you should consider for an electric wheelchair, here is expert advice for you – always source for an electric wheelchair from a reputable manufacturer with proven records of excellence in the trade.

Now, let’s get to the brass tacks! 

The Brushless Electric Motor Controller Remains The Best

Generally, an electric wheelchair motor comes in two different categories thus; the brush motor as well as the brushless motor.

And for tech/convenience savvy manufacturers such as the Freedom electric wheelchair, the brushless motor, which seems to give the best performance is what is used in controlling your freedom electric wheelchair.

With the brushless motor in the freedom electric wheelchair, you have absolute freedom and flexibility in moving your electric wheelchair forward, backward, or even turning. 

You can do all these without hassles by simply controlling the speed and positive inversion of the two brushless electric motors independently. And most amazing is the fact that the brushless motor controller can also be controlled using a Bluetooth remote control.

Features and Working Operation of The Brushless Electric Motor

The brushless DC motor in the freedom electric wheelchair is made up of mainly the driver and the motor body, and it is a good example of a mechatronics product.

Since the brushless DC motor is designed to function in a self-controlled manner, there will be no additional starting winding to the rotor as it is the case with the asynchronous motor. 

Like you may probably know, the synchronous motor usually has a heavy-duty starting with different frequency speed regulation, and this usually leads to oscillation as well as step loss as soon as the load on the motor changes suddenly. 

Advantages of the brushless electric motor in Freedom electric wheelchair

1.There is usually a small amount of heat loss, and the service life is longer – about 6 times longer when compared to what is obtainable in the brush motor.

2.They are smaller and lighter with a very high output potential

3.They produce a very little or zero operation noise with a smooth running

4.They are highly reliable, stable, and well adapted to many conditions

5.They are pretty easy to maintain with a low failure rate

6.They have an energy-saving potential rate of about 20%-60%

7.They have high efficiency with a strong torque due to no losses of excitation and carbon brush, and this also removes the loss of multi-level slowing

Wrap Up

The freedom electric wheelchair is a high-tech electronic wheelchair that serves as a solution to existing challenges inherent in other conventional electric wheelchairs.

With the registered iMooto brushless electric motor in the freedom electric wheelchair, it gives a lot of benefit pecks compared to other electric wheelchairs in the market.

However, due to how tricky it may be when choosing an electric wheelchair with a brushless electric motor, you should partner with the best suppliers.

And the perfect manufacturers to work with on this are the manufacturers of the freedom electric wheelchair who are known for outstanding and groundbreaking technological innovations in the design and manufacture of an electric wheelchair. 


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