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Discover the different Lightweight Foldable Electric Wheelchair

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With the arrival of good weather, we all want to go for a walk, take an excursion or even go on vacation. But, what happens that family member who has limited abilities for movement?


There are currently a wide range of folding and electric wheelchairs on the market that allow this family member or friend to accompany us on the adventures of a summer day, but today, we are going to talk about the electric chair as it is able to adapt to the needs of each user.

It is important to note that the folding electric chairs are indicated for those users who do not need to take all their breaks on the chair and who still retain some capacity to collaborate in transfers or even maintain the possibility of ambulation, even if it is reduced.

Let’s get started!

The electric chair manufacturers take into account the portability it offers and ensures that it does not have to be at odds with proper seating. This is a correct adaptation of the chair as it will allows us to release tension, provide greater bases of support and spread pressure.

The backrest on electric wheelchair

One of the main bases of support will be the backrest, which has pneumatic recline by means of a pneumatic actuator, which can be activated by the user while sitting to relieve tension, make postural changes and avoid pelvic retroversion.

In addition, it can be adjusted to different heights, and provides greater or less firmness.

The armrests 

Another important point of support is the arms, which must rest on the armrest without exerting excessive pressure and also allow us to access the joystick in a comfortable and relaxed position.

To do this, the armrests are adjustable in two dimensions at the touch of a button; height and depth, so that it will allow us to bring the dominant arm more or less forward or even adapt it to the different morphologies of the users of this chair.

The footrest

The footrest is adjustable in height in addition to being the only pivot in this type of electric and folding chairs, which allows you to never lose the point of support or contact when making postural changes or even reclines.

Other relevant aspects to consider

An important point to highlight in the folding electric wheelchair is that the rear wheels are equipped with an electromagnetic valve that, without the need to turn off the joystick, allows the chair to be converted into a manual drag chair, freeing the motors and avoiding friction. It is a very useful function, for when we enter small rooms in which the control has to be more meticulous, such as an elevator or the portal of a house.

The entire piece is powered by a battery or electricity. The chair folds with one hand, unlocking two rear tabs at the base of the backrest, and has an optional front passenger control and bag for transport.

And this is all about the most functional chair within the framework of the folding chairs without sacrificing comfort and good seating within a high-end chair.


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