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When we talk about wheelchairs, we all have in our minds an outdated and not very modern image of it. But, the wheelchair has evolved over time like any other equipment. It has become more useful, adapting and making life easier for those who are subject to its daily or habitual use. Today, there is a wide spectrum of wheelchairs with their different prices. However, its price varies according to what characteristics. Also, the conditions of the user could generate some specific needs such as customization and more.


Basically, there are two main types of wheelchairs; the Manual and the electric wheelchairs.

In this article, we are going to tell you how to differentiate two of the best known wheelchair differences. The electric and manual wheelchair.

Manual wheel chair

The quintessential wheelchair. They are the traditional chairs that we imagine when thinking of such a tool. They are light and generally light.

Its transport does not usually cause problems due to its composition, which is usually aluminum, they are foldable, which facilitates their mobility even more, and their assembly and disassembly does not imply greater complication.

There are many varieties of the traditional chair, such as the ultralight, which are made of titanium or carbon fiber, aimed at supporting less weight and active people since they need balance control due to their low weight. Of course this material is more expensive. In addition, its wheels are usually high performance.

Within the manual variety we can also mention the different sports chairs according to the activity or training practiced or even the hand tricycles, a complement adaptable to the manual wheelchair that evolves by leaps and bounds.

Electric wheelchair

This variety of motorized wheelchair is, in principle, aimed at users with reduced mobility, patients who have difficulty coordinating and making an effort to get moving independently without the help of technology. Obviously, it is also within the user's choice and preference. One good example, the Freedom electric wheelchair, provides a great degree of independence. 

Another important factor between these two wheelchairs is the price. Obviously, this model is more expensive than the manual, and is one of the main differences between the two.

Another characteristic that we can observe with the naked eye is the weight. The electric chair is heavier than the manual one and its transport is also somewhat more complicated, but not impossible. Although the market already offers ultralight electric chairs with lithium batteries that reduce the weight to a third of the standard, they have the drawback that they are weaker. We also have folding models available.

Its handling is very simple, with just two fingers you will have it controlled.

The electric chair also, in some of its varieties, climbs small curbs.

Having provided these explanations, we will conclude by saying that the choice of an electric chair as well as personal is linked to the needs, taste and injuries of the user. From there everything else will add utility and comfort. Therefore, the most recommendable thing always will be to be advised by professionals.


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