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  • Jul
    How to Buy Lightweight Electric Wheelchair from China?

    A lightweight electric wheelchair is essential for the ones who are paralyzed. It is better than the typical wheelchair because of its cool features. It is more comfortable and easy to use. At present, these wheelchairs are becoming so popular.

  • Jul
    How to Choose a Reliable Electric Wheelchair Manufacturer for Agents?

    These people use a wheelchair for their convenience. However; these days it is a trend of using an electric wheelchair. If you are a businessman or you are running a wholesale shop, you may be wondering how you can select a reliable wheelchair manufacturer for your distributors.

  • Jul
    Where to Buy Easy Control Electric Wheelchair

    For the people who are disabled and can’t walk on their feet, it sometimes becomes challenging for them to operate the manual wheelchair. This problem gets dangerous for older users who can’t manage their wheelchair on their own. So, to avoid the problem, people prefer using an electric wheelchair.

  • Jun
    How Long Time Lightweight Electric Folding Wheelchair Lithium Battery Should Be Changed?

    Before moving towards the topic of today, let’s first talk a bit about the marvellous invention of electric folding wheelchairs. It’s just great how technology gives us these new inventions that are making our lives easier and more convenient.

  • Jun
    Who Will Use Electric Wheelchairs?

    The power chair is also known as an electric wheelchair. These chairs are comfortable to move because of electric motors. They are short in length as compared to the scooter and are lightweight. For that reason, they are excellent for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Jun
    5 Factors That Affect the Electric Folding Wheelchair User Experience

    There is often a tendency to believe that what most affects the electric folding lightweight wheelchair user experience is the weight of the person using it and the material with which its frame is made.

  • Jun
    Freedomchair Came Back from CMEF with Rich Harvest

    CMEF (full name: China international medical device expo) was established in 1979, and held twice a year, including exhibition and BBS. After more than 40 years of accumulation and precipitation, the exhibition has developed into an international leading comprehensive service platform covering the w

  • May
    Freedomchair Germany Agency Attended the Exhibition

    16th-18th, May, 2019, Freedomchair Germany agency attended the exhibition to promote our new style electric lightweight wheelchair as you can see below pictures, a week later, we have received a lots of emails which asking for the electric wheelchairs the customer saw in the exhibition.

  • May
    Good Electric Wheelchair Reviews from Facebook Customer

    Freedomchair has an nice customer reviews about our electric flolding wheelchair,

  • May
    How to Choose the Best Wheelchair for the Elderly?

    The electric wheelchairs are a technical aid that allows easy movement for those people with mobility issues. Powered by a battery-operated motor, the electric wheelchair is controlled by a joystick that allows you to determine the direction, speed and also in some cases the configuration of the seat and backrest.


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