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  • Nov
    Electric Wheelchairs with Large Capacity Lithium Battery Are Not Recommended to The Elderly

    Some elderly people like to choose large-capacity lithium batteries when they purchase electric wheelchairs or smart electric scooters. As a practitioner who has traveled for many years, we believe that the purchase of a large-capacity lithium battery is not recommended for the elderly.

  • Nov
    6 Advantages of Electric Wheelchairs

    The electric wheelchair is based on the traditional manual wheelchair, superimposed and upgraded with high-performance power drive, intelligent control device, battery and other components.

  • Oct
    Buying Tips For A Motor Electric Wheelchair

    Buying a wheelchair is not an easy task as there is a wide range of options available in the market. However, there are some important points one needs to keep in mind while choosing a wheelchair. If you have to choose in between motor wheelchair and manual wheelchair, it’s better to go ahead and in

  • Oct
    What Is the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Electric Wheelchairs?

    The brand of electric wheelchairs is dazzling and the quality is also mixed, so electric wheelchairs price is also various. So, what is the difference between cheap and expensive electric wheelchairs?1.The price of electric wheelchair depends on the configurationElectric wheelchair structure and ess

  • Oct
    The Correct Way to Ride an Electric Wheelchair

    Wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs are important vehicles for the elderly. Wheelchair operation seems simple, but not every user can operate. Do not cause secondary damage to the user due to wrong direction. Incorrect electric powered wheelchairs sitting posture for a long time will not only cau

  • Oct
    Why Freedom-chair Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchairs are Popular in England?

    The robust growth and technological progression have led to the development of hundreds of different gadgets and devices for the ease and convenience of us humans.

  • Sep
    What’s the Main Material of Portable Folding Wheelchair?

    A wheelchair is a chair that has fixed wheels to assist a paralyzed person to move from one place to another. The wheelchairs are readily accessible in a huge range. This range includes large, medium, small, heavy, lightweight, foldable, manual and electric wheelchairs.

  • Aug
    What are the Characteristics of Electric Wheelchair Wheels?

    Electric wheelchairs have diverse features as compared to manual wheelchairs. It does not only include an electric motor but also high-quality wheels and components. The manufacturers focus a lot on the wheels and other parts of this wheelchair.

  • Aug
    What Do We Need to Know If We Want to Buy a Safe and portable electric wheelchair

    The demand for Electronic Powered Wheelchairs is increasing day by day because of its diverse features. These wheelchairs can deal with rough terrain due to which people can use them outdoors. They have customizable options which make them convenient to use.

  • Aug
    What Are the Characteristics of Lightweight Folding Brushless Motor Electric Wheelchair?

    Basically, the electric wheelchairs, also known as the motorized chairs, are those that have an engine and a battery that supplies energy so that the user can move around even without the aid of a companion.Today, the electric chair market has grown so wide. Patients who find it difficult to operate


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