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Trade Shows

  • Apr
    5 Best Ways to Maintain Lightweight Power Wheelchair

    Power lightweight wheelchairs are functional, economical, and user-friendly. China electric wheelchair manufacturers are providing a wide range of these wheelchairs. For that reason, you can get them in diverse dimensions and styles.

  • Mar
    Safe and Reliable Double Electric Wheelchair

    Due to family and social factors, more and more elderly people are living alone. Many elderly people need to accompany or travel together with their children to take care of each other. Therefore, two-person electric wheelchairs have emerged.

  • Mar
    Is A Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair Safe to Operate?

    With the advancement of technology, electric wheelchairs are becoming lighter and more portable. This is what most users expect, but some people are beginning to worry about the safety of lightweight electric wheelchairs.

  • Mar
    How Many Years Can An Electric Wheelchair Generally Be Used?

    Before buying a Freedom chair – a kind of China folding light electric wheelchair, people may have many confusions. Electric wheelchairs can be used for several years. Are there any restrictions on their useful life? The answer is of course. Freedom chair electric wheelchairs also have useful lives, and they must be carefully maintained during use to achieve the purpose of extending the useful life.

  • Mar
    Electric Wheelchair Leads The New Trend

    With the improvement of residents' living standards, people have put forward higher requirements for product quality, performance and comfort. Coupled with the accelerated pace of urban life, children spend less and less time caring for the elderly and patients at home.

  • Feb
    The Contribution of Electric Wheelchairs to Our World

    There is no doubt that the wheelchairs have contributed tremendously to our world. Such contribution can be seen in the support they provide to those with impaired movement, the assistance they provide to caregivers and the general improvement in the healthcare sector.

  • Feb
    Market trend of Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

    Today, innovation is growing rapidly and everything is going from complex to the simple. This applies to virtually every niche of the production industries. One significant area is the wheelchair industry.

  • Feb
    Electric Wheelchair VS Mobility Scooter, Which One Is Better For the Elderly?

    To begin, first, we need to distinguish between the electric wheelchair and the mobility scooter.The electric wheelchair is a technical device used by people with a motor disability. It implies those people with impaired or loss of body movements.

  • Feb
    Operating Skills and Precautions for Driving an Electric Wheelchair Up and Downhill

    Electric wheelchairs have won the favor of the elderly, the disabled, and friends with their flexible, lightweight and easy-to-control features. Electric wheelchairs bring great convenience for the elderly and the disabled.

  • Jan
    Evaluation and Adaptation of Electric Wheelchairs

    The basic situation of usersThe electric wheelchair is flexible in operation and can be quickly and easily operated. It is adjustable and modular in design. It is suitable for lower limb disability, high paraplegia, joint contracture or joint injury, hemiplegia and the elderly and infirm.

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