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Product News

  • Nov
    Advantages & Disadvantages of Power Wheelchair

    The world functions on the law of dualism. This means that for everything, there is a need to consider its pros and cons. This applies to power wheelchair which is also called an electric wheelchair. There are many advantages of Power wheelchair as much as there are its disadvantages. Wheelchair

  • Oct
    Investigation: How Many People Use Electric Wheelchairs Walking?

    Wheelchairs are walking aids for people with some disability in walking due to any reason such as; impaired legs, broken legs, or damaged body due to a disease and or some any other issue. These wheelchairs come in different types and made with different materials such as, some of them are manuals, which require somebody else to drag it for the disabled persons.

  • Oct
    Why Are Power Wheelchairs So Expensive?

    You will absolutely find a wide range and varieties of wheelchairs in different stores outlet and online stores today. With the latest forms and designs being built to power and transport the user on its own. The user only needs to control and maneuver these wheelchairs with a joystick control attached to it.

  • Sep
    Why do Wheelchairs Have Angled Wheels?

    For the wheelchair users or those that are well exposed to the various models, whether it is the electric wheelchair or the manual one, you may have noticed that some models are designed with angled wheels. But you still wonder why it is so.Yes, you may not have heard the word “camber” before but that’s exactly what it is called.

  • Sep
    Tips to Choose Right Electric Wheelchair

    The market is loaded with a variety of wheelchair products, but the most commonly recommended one is an electric wheelchair. But manufacturers have now launched several designs in this category as well; so, buyers often get confused for making the best selection. If you are also facing the same trouble, it is good to go through the tips below to pick the best wheelchair for your loved ones.

  • Sep
    Why Choose an Electric Wheelchair for Walking?

    We take many things for granted - our legs and walking being one of them. No doubt, walking on your own is one of the greatest blessing, but we tend not to realize until we are hampered by a joint pain or fracture. Fortunately, with the advent of modern technology and development in the manufacturing industry.

  • Sep
    Is Variable Speed Wheelchair Popular in America?

    A wheelchair has a pair of levers along its opposite sides which is connected with the aid of a sprockets on drive wheels. In one form, each lever is connected to its sprocket with the aid of a rack. The drive wheels have a clutch which enables the power stroke of the lever to drive the wheels via the rack and pinion engagement, yet allowing the sprocket to rotate in the reverse direction upon the stroke of the lever.

  • Aug
    Who Buys Electric Wheelchairs

    People with mobility issues or with issues related to their limb muscles and bones often look for wheelchairs. Unlike in the past when there were only manual wheelchairs, today there are the electric wheelchairs or motorized wheelchairs. However, these wheelchairs are not for everyone.

  • Aug
    How do Electric Wheelchairs Work

    Electric wheelchairs are otherwise known as motorised wheelchairs. They are uniquely different from manual wheelchairs because they run on electric motors or batteries that make them self-propelled. This means that an electric wheelchair is a self-propelled variation of wheelchairs that is powered and offers more comfort, flexibility and mobility.

  • Aug
    Are Electric Wheelchairs Allowed on Plane?

    If you are restricted to power wheelchairs, it clearly doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy traveling in life. The recent advancements in technology have designed top quality wheelchairs that offer better movability, portability and have compact structures as well. The great news is that most airplanes are now allowing passengers with a wheelchair as well.


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