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Product News

  • Jun
    How Long Time Lightweight Electric Folding Wheelchair Lithium Battery Should Be Changed?

    Before moving towards the topic of today, let’s first talk a bit about the marvellous invention of electric folding wheelchairs. It’s just great how technology gives us these new inventions that are making our lives easier and more convenient.

  • Jun
    Who Will Use Electric Wheelchairs?

    The power chair is also known as an electric wheelchair. These chairs are comfortable to move because of electric motors. They are short in length as compared to the scooter and are lightweight. For that reason, they are excellent for indoor and outdoor use.

  • May
    How to Choose the Best Wheelchair for the Elderly?

    The electric wheelchairs are a technical aid that allows easy movement for those people with mobility issues. Powered by a battery-operated motor, the electric wheelchair is controlled by a joystick that allows you to determine the direction, speed and also in some cases the configuration of the seat and backrest.

  • May
    Are Electric Wheelchairs Covered by Medical Care?

    If you consider purchasing an electric wheelchair, you probably would be asking yourself this question; are electric power wheelchairs covered by insurance? If so, then you’re in the right place at the moment as this article will explain the processes involved in purchasing an electric wheelchair with insurance.

  • Apr
    How to Choose a Foldable Electric Wheelchair for the Holidays?

    A foldable electric wheelchair is an excellent option to improve mobility when you are planning for holidays. It has navigational controls as well as an electric motor. It will be a comfortable option for you. However, it is imperative for you to pay attention to some points while choosing your foldable electric wheelchair for holidays.

  • Apr
    How to Choose a Motorized Wheelchair

    Not long ago, seeing a motorized wheelchair on the street was rare. Also, they used to be big, heavy and difficult to use. Nowadays they are seen more often and are much more feasible.Electric or motorized wheelchairs are suitable for people who want to lead an independent life but for reasons of disability or age do not have the physical ability to push a manual wheelchair.

  • Apr
    How to Start An Electric Wheel Chair

    An electric wheelchair is also referred to as power chair, motorized wheelchair, or electric-powered wheelchair (EPW). It is a wheelchair that is propelled via an electric motor rather than manual power.

  • Apr
    Moving and Wonderful Stories about Freedomchair and Users

    Today I would like to share some stories about Freedomchair and its users around the word.

  • Mar
    How to Fold Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

    There are several designs of the lightweight folding electric wheelchair. However, each of them have some unique properties one of which is the foldability. This means that they can actually be folded.

  • Mar
    What's The Quickest The Best Charger for Electric Wheelchair?

    It is correctly believed that electric wheelchair batteries are powerful and strong enough to go by for years. But only if you use them properly and take care of them. You might know about the fact that electric wheelchairs’ batteries are best to be charged all night while you sleep.


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